Power, Vengeance, and the Fight for Xin'trea

The last episode begins with Merwyn (Mirren Mack) sending her first group to explore the monolith.

She has decided to hand over Balor (Lenny Henry) led by Eredin (Jacob Collins-Levy)

and his foot soldiers to any other international even though Balor has done

nothing to prove that she is less hungry for electricity than he is. that's when she locked him up.

Merwyn's naiveté quickly becomes her undoing when Balor betrays the others as soon

as they cross the portal into the realm of chaos. Balor sacrifices his apprentice Fenrick (Amy Murray)

to prove his worth to the mysterious entity he has been communicating with all season and gain access to the world's chaos magic

 He now uses his new powers to spread Eredin and his birthday party aroun