Premier League leaders Arsenal take on West Ham in EPL resumption

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta faces a challenge that dwarfs the club's rise to the top of the

Premier League table in the run-up to the World Cup: how to keep up the unlikely run? 

The Gunners hope to pick up their league season where it left off six weeks ago when

they welcome West Ham to the final game on Boxing Day, which concludes a seven-game schedule

on Monday. Arsenal were the best team in the Premier League for the first half of the season 

 And have a five-point lead over Manchester City, but their task will be much more difficult without talisman 

Gabriel Jesus, who is recovering from injury at Leg. knee he suffered. . in Qatar while playing fo

Brazil. By contrast, 16th-ranked West Ham barely managed to stay out of the relegation zone after a slow start that