'Project: It's Not Possible 7': Everything we understand about Tom Cruise's latest death-defying 

His project, should he decide to take it on, will be released in theaters on July 14, 2023 for the highly anticipated

 (and COVID-delayed) seventh installment of Tom Cruise's "Undertake: You Can't Do" film franchise.

"Task: Not Possible - Futile Reckoning Component One" marks Cruise's journey today as Ethan Hunt

an agent for the Impossible Missions (IMF) force, who embarks on an operation that

On Sunday, Cruise literally appeared in an industrial ruin for the NFL on CBS to thank moviegoers

"Top Gun: Maverick," in theaters this summer. Before hopping off a plane

Cruise reminded viewers that he and filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie (who co-wrote "Maverick") 

Then on Monday morning, Paramount and Skydance released a nearly 9-minute video that made it clear that jumping out of a plane 

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