Rafa Kalimann sweeps with a super decorated dress in Rio

Rafa Kalimann arrasou the statuette that she chose to attend the shows of Universo Spanta, festival in Marina da Glória, in the Zona Sul do Rio

Nice, Rafa posed in front and on the coast for the plantation's photographers, and showed more details than what is seen.

She was in the company of her lover, José Loreto. Recently, you two shared albums in which you appeared exchanging love on a beach in Rio de Janeiro

Juliana Nalu, Kanye West's ex-girlfriend who is in Rio de Janeiro, went to Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro. In photos released at this second fair (26)

the model appears wearing a cut-out black bikini. She was accompanied by friends and jumped with a puppy in the air.

In the images, Giovanna gives an ajeitadinha in the lower part of the peça and confers the visual. Gabriel can be heard at the farm talking about the conditions of the sea

Giovanna told Quem that, before Gabriel, "she was running away from a relationship." "I started falling for him just because she was upset.

Finally now I know what love is. You seem to understand when people say that love is good,” she stated.

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