Ranking of the 14 coaching teams in the 2023 NFL playoffs: One group stands out; Bucs, Chargers under the microscope

After 18 weeks of regular season games, the NFL playoffs are finally here. At least they can be here this weekend.

Sometime this week, you'll probably have all of the group-focused coverage styles visible on this web page. Reasons why each team can win or lose

why you should or shouldn't support certain squads, injury reports, power ratings, quarterback ratings and much more. We're here today to focus 

That's right, we're here once again to rank all 14 playoff coaching teams: head coach and offensive/defensive coordinator (or midfielder or assistant head

As with the scores from each of the past few years, there are a few things worth noting before we dive in:

I came up with my own qualifications to start with, then ran them through the CBSSports.Com staff body over the past few days and weighed in on their input

The levels themselves should be considered rigid, even when the rankings within them are fluid. Which means that in the event that you wanted to place yourself on a Tier 2

But if you were to try to transport a tier 4 team beforehand from one of the pools at tier 1 or 2, that would cause a more forceful knockback.

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