Remembering the turbulent two-year marriage of Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson

They became a match made in the royal courts of rock & roll. The King of Pop and the daughter of the genuinely El Rey.

Although Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, who died Thursday at age 54, were married in 1994, at some point it became one of the most turbulent

But before they stopped, to the refrain of "you're in the know," they made their now-infamous appearance together at the 1994 MTV Video Track Awards

"And suppose," Jackson said quietly into the microphone, "nobody thinks this will last," gesturing to Presley before kissing him and leaving the stage

Presley looked more than a little embarrassed, and though she was announced as "Mrs. Michael Jackson

They first met in 1975, when Presley, aged seven and twelve months, saw Jackson at a live performance. They began an adult friendship in 1992 and married years later

In '93, Jackson is accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy. Presley reportedly thought Jackson was harmless and urged him to settle the allegations outside

The couple divorced in 1996, citing "irreconcilable variances." According to Presley, they had still been together for four years after their divorce.

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