Researchers increase efficient sodium ion battery anode for electricity storage

Lithium is highly priced and restricted, requiring the development of efficient resistance garage structures beyond lithium-ion batteries

Sodium is a promising candidate. However, sodium ions, being massive and gradual, reduce the performance of the sodium ion battery (SIB) anode

Researchers from Korea and the United States have recently developed pyrolyzed quinacridones, new carbonaceous SIB anode substances, 

which can be environmentally friendly, without organized problems, and exhibit remarkable electrochemical properties, along with high sodium.

Climate change is a major issue worldwide in this century. It is necessary to reduce carbon emissions through the use of renewable energy

However, the excessive price and restricted supply of lithium require the improvement of opportunity electricity garage structures

To this end, researchers have warned that sodium ion batteries (SIBs) are a possible candidate.

Except for having similar physicochemical residences to lithium, sodium is sustainable and cost-effective.

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