Rian Johnson breaks Glass Onion's "arrival" scene

Lighting fixtures, digital camera, move! Glass Onion: A Knives Out mystery director Rian Johnson spoke with Honest Vanity 

 for the Notes on a Scene series, in which he broke down the "arrival" scene

where Daniel Craig's detective Benoit Blanc meets the "asshole friends" of eccentric billionaire Edward Norton.

The first meeting of the all-star ensemble became "the first day, the first take" of the blockbuster sequel

says Johnson, which opened in theaters on November 23 for a limited theatrical release and is now available for distribution on Netflix. 

Glass Onion is deliberately a far cry from the original Knives Out and features a new color palette

 "the blues and yellows of summer in Greece with beautiful bathing suits," Johnson says

rather than the "comfy brown sweaters of New England." ” of the only one.

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