Satellite TV snapshots for PC capture the crowds at China's crematoriums and funeral homes as Covid surge continues

PC satellite TV footage taken in some Chinese cities has captured crowding at crematoriums and funeral homes as the country wages

its war with an unprecedented wave of Covid-19 infections after the rollback of harsh pandemic regulations.

The images, taken via Maxar in late December and early January and reviewed by CNN, show a funeral home on the outskirts of Beijing

which appears to have built a new landmark parking lot, as well as traces of vehicles waiting outside. of funeral homes in Kunming, Nanjing

China has already moved away from its strict 0-Covid strategy to the virus, which had sparked mass riots after more than two years of strict controls

China's strict policy shielded its population from the kind of mass deaths visible in Western countries, an assessment prompted time and again nationally

Satellite imagery is consistent with CNN reporting and money owed from witnesses shared on social media in connection with overcrowding at funeral homes

CNN has said firsthand in Beijing that makeshift facilities are taking hold of the deceased, as overworked staff try to keep up with the number

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