Second batch of categorized Biden documents seen

The original batch of about 10 files was discovered in November at the Penn Biden center, a holding tank near the White home

The documents reportedly include US intelligence memos and informational substances associated with Ukraine, Iran and the UK.

They relate to his time as Vice President to President Barack Obama, but it is not known why they became a private office that he began using after that.

Access to categorized files is restricted by law to humans with special authorization, and there are rules about how they are stored and saved.

The White House has not yet ruled on the newly found lot. However, the location has been shown by CBS, the BBC's American partner

During his daily press conference of hers on Wednesday, Biden's press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, declined to answer questions 

"This is an overview with the help of the Department of Justice," she stated. "Now I am not going to go beyond what the president shared

Biden said Tuesday that he was "shocked" as he watched and became "cooperative" with the Justice Department's assessment.

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