Shakira is being compared to Amber Heard since the alleged unfaithful ex-husband Gerard Piqué sympathizes.

Shakira's separation from her husband Gerard Piqué after being together for 12 years remained one of the main highlights of 2022

As soon as the information about their breakup emerged, the lovers reacted quickly and Gerard immediately became the ' horrible boy'. .

Hips Don't Lie singer Shakira, during Elle's digital cover story, referred to the split as "particularly difficult" and also expressed her grief through a cryptic post-New Year

the fans were pretty upset with Gerard. But, some have now begun to wonder if he is entirely to blame. Make Shakira so harmless? 

Shakira and the famous soccer player separated due to an alleged courtship between him and Clara Chia. Drastically, Chia works for Piqué's corporation

 Put up the separation of Shakira and Piqué, the former soccer player acquired a lot of hatred. Now, according to a record in Marca

some people online are suggesting that Shakira will not be an innocent birthday party in the breakup after seeing her children

The reaction of Internet users has occurred after the images of Chia's satisfaction appeared on the internet together

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