Sinema's success with the Democratic Party won't help her as much as she'd like

The ones that weren't were their ad rates on Friday. They were from one of his widely shared 2018 Senate campaign commercials 

Making herself look like an "independent" has been a part of her logo for some time, despite her early days as a liberal activist.

She is no longer the top senator to replace events: Vermont's Jim Jeffords defected from the Republican Party more than 20 years ago

Dealing with a difficult re-election, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania left the Republican party in 2009 to become a Democrat. 

After serving as the Democratic Party's vice presidential candidate in 2004, Connecticut hawk Joe Lieberman ran away to turn impartial in 2006.

The writing was on the wall for a while with Lieberman and the Democrats. When he visited Arizona in 2003

for example, just as the Iraq conflict was beginning, a battle he voted for and defended

 he was greeted with the help of anti-war protests.

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