'Sister Wives' Janelle Brown Shouldn't Be 'Smashed Into Submission' By Husband Kody

Janelle and Kody Brown still don't seem to be on the same page, and they ultimately have a big, explosive fight because of it.

In People's unique sneak peek on Sunday's Sister Other Halfs episode, the couple argue in front of Kody's different wives

Kody, 53, believes Janelle is "guilty for not showing me any respect for the COVID rules" she previously put in place to keep the family safe. 

But his strict suggestions ended up causing division in the circle of relatives, which includes the couple's children.

"Kody, you're asking me to choose between you and my kids," says Janelle, 53.

Kody then claims that his second spouse "underestimated" what he changed to try to achieve. 

And as she tries to force the point further away from him, she gets up from his seat and raises her voice to say,

"After I finally got sick with COVID, it became a death-like experience," she says.

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