Steelers OC Matt Canada to return for 2023 NFL season

Canada will return as the Steelers' offensive coordinator in 2023, the team confirmed Wednesday, in line with a couple of local reviews.

Canada has apparently come under fire due to being promoted to offensive coordinator in 2021. The complaint has been, to say the least, fairly deserved

Their decline wasn't just in Canada, though: The slide from the NFL's top five began in 2018 and coincided with the final years of the Ben Roethlisberger generation

Possibly all of Canada wanted to become a younger, more athletic quarterback willing to increase performance with his feet. Pittsburgh's offense took baby steps toward a brighter destiny in 2022

in which he completed for 195 yards and a touchdown on Week 18). The Steelers progressively became a more effective offense under Pickett,

Najee Harris, Diontae Johnson and Pat Freiermuth intact, Pittsburgh should logically be higher in 2023, especially if its rebuilt offensive line improves next. season.

The Steelers fans' issues with Canada involved key areas: general production and situational decision-making. Too often over the past two seasons

Canada will have every other season to prove that the Steelers' struggles were little more than growing pains in a transition period for the franchise

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