Steph Curry reacts to Warriors winning streak without him

Contrary to what many predicted, the Golden Country Warriors have found their groove without Steph Curry. 

 In his first few games out of the lineup with a shoulder injury, Curry watched his teammates appear non-aggressive, l

 losing big games with terrible play on both ends. Over the past week, Golden State began to find a rhythm and 

ow riding a 4-game winning streak in the high season. Jordan Poole has really stepped up in Curry's absence, delivering

 a forty-plus factor performance in recent weeks. Players from across the roster have joined Golden Country, and Steph Curry loves what he's seeing.

Following Friday night's win over the Portland Trail Blazers, Curry took to Instagram to report his reaction to the team's prevailing 

 absence. Pleased with his guys, Curry shared a couple of photos with a caption expressing his pleasure: Soldiers still 

 have a lot of work to do before they get back to where they hope to be as defending champions, but honestly they're trending within. the proper route