Smith Reveals His Mother's Death Freed Him To Write New Memoirs

Instead, Stephen A insisted that his memoir would be the story of his life offered as "a tool to give something back to humans"

influenced by the passing of his mother. But before the death of his mother in 2017

he did not want to tell his story, because he had made a promise.

“I am satisfied with my friends and loved ones and my inner circle that the time has come because I am in what I am in,”

 began the host of the NBA in the world, Stephen A. “I am recognizable. I am extraordinarily successful and blessed.

 And so, now it was time to tell this story. Really, people had been looking to me to write an e-book for over a decade."

“But I avoided doing it because I wasn't sure my story was worth telling, but because I knew that if I wrote a book

 a lot of intimate information would leak out. And my mother, who passed away in 2017, God rest her soul

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