Stocks see instability as traders weigh Fed outlook: Markets roundup

Stocks faltered when Jerome Powell avoided giving any hint on the prospects for hobby fees one afternoon after US officials signaled

The S&P 500 struggled to gain ground as the Fed leader did not comment promptly on the economic or financial policy outlook at a forum in Stockholm on Tuesday

12-month Treasury yields, which are more sensitive to imminent moves by the Fed, held close to 4.25%. The dollar wavered.

A pair of Fed officials said Monday that the central bank may also need to raise rates above 5% before pausing and holding them for a while

Policymakers meet at the end of the month and are expected to tighten again by 50 basis points or slowly ease to a quarter point rise

Thursday's pattern rate index is forecast to show a slowdown to 6.5% in the year to December.

“We expect equities to be safe in the range until there can be a clean bottom on the rise/top of policy tightening,

wrote Dennis DeBusschere, founder of 22V Studies. "As soon as that happens, there may be room for a modest multiple growth." 

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