Street Residence Remake First Appearance Photos Show Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor

We've got our first look at Academy Award nominee and lefty big name Jake Gyllenhaal in the impending Country House remake. Pairing up with MMA superstar

Twitter person @PhotoAmy33 find the pair filming a collection of jaw-dropping action in the waters off the Dominican Republic. You can try the snapshots below.

Released in 1989, Road Residence follows Patrick Swayze, the old-fashioned high-quality actor, as James Dalton, a "cooler" who starts running evolved in a recently

where his business is to drive out any drunk or those who do not need anything. looking for a fight As he protects the bar, Dalton quickly finds himself protecting small-town 

The new version will take the main idea of the original, while turning some details along the way. Consequently, Avenue House follows Gyllenhaal

Like his '80s predecessor, Dalton "soon discovers that now all is not as it seems in this tropical paradise," reads the official tagline for the street house remake.

Despite the original street house meeting with largely mixed reviews upon release, the film has gained a cult following thanks to its B-movie antics and overall performance

These images mark our first study of Conor McGregor, who makes his acting debut in street house. While not much has been revealed about

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