Stuart Margolin, Emmy Winner for ‘The Rockford documents,’ Dies at eighty two

Stuart Margolin, an A-list individual actor recognized for playing himself as James Garner's private detective partner on the hit series

"The Rockford Papers," a role that earned Mr. Margolin Emmys time and time again as outstanding aid actor in 1979

 and 1980, died Monday in Staunton, Virginia. He turned 82 years old.

His family said the reason was complications from pancreatic cancer.

Mr. Margolin appeared all over television from the early 1960s to this century

appearing in episodes of dozens of shows, as well as several made-for-TV movies. 

He also had a considerable career behind the scenes: he wrote numerous TV movies and directed episodes of "The Rockford Files,"

In 1987, he and Ted Bessell shared an Emmy nomination for directing "The Tracey Ullman display."

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