Swerve Strickland debuts billionaire partners, all to the ad-libs of Rick Ross

On the December 21 episode of AEW Dynamite, Swerve Strickland debuted for the Associated Moguls in an attack on Keith Lee

Swerve and Lee were set to go toe to toe, with Rick Ross mediating, but Swerve never made it to the ring

Lee then came under fire from Parker Boudreaux, who previously aligned himself with the Trust Busters.

Although Lee was able to dispatch Boudreaux, another guy attacked Lee near the ring and Lee couldn't beat the odds.

The section ended with Swerve hitting a double stomp off the pinnacle, crushing a cinder block onto Lee

At some point in the segment, Rick Ross, who referred to Keith Lee as "a big son of a bitch"

before the attacks began, began improvising and rooting for the mogul's affiliates.

who was lying on the steps in the open.

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