Takeaways from Cleveland Cavaliers 122-99 win over Utah Jazz

This became the domain of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In a 122-99 victory, the Cavs handily beat the Utah Jazz.

Donovan Mitchell scored 23 points in his first game against his former team with Darius Garland

The past few games have no longer been Garland's excellent scoring performances.

Whatever the reason, maybe fatigue, maybe just a few nights off, maybe a combination of both, his shot has missed

That was not the case on Monday. Garland became extremely good, manipulating the gap that the Jazz gave him without a big paint hit in the middle 

and without a bigger, stronger guard on him to interrupt the look of him. 

 He, as he does, investigated, but was decisive when he discovered something he liked rather than taking too 

This was Garland scoring nicely with him, something he has struggled with on occasion as he 

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