Will the 2006 movie 'The Holidays' get a sequel? Check all the information right here

The sequel to the popular romantic film, The Holidays, is planned 17 years after the best of the original film.

The new film is expected to study the romances between Cameron Diaz, 50, Jude Rule, 49, Kate Winslet, 47, and Jack Black, 53.

movie 'the holidays' 2006 During the holiday season, the two women switch residences

with Iris staying in Amanda's expensive condo and Amanda taking Iris's flight to the United States for a getaway.

Both seek a change of pace in their lives after demanding breakups

but end up falling in love with other worlds. Amanda falls for Iris's brother, Graham, and Iris falls for Amanda's co-worker, Miles.

The film's price range became £70 million, but it grossed over £200 million at the box office.

A film source said the intention is to start shooting scenes next year, especially in Britain and Europe, but the big talent is on board.

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