Texas Longhorns' Xavier Value has yet to commit to fate as Alamo Bowl plans

When asked about his destination Tuesday, Texas wide receiver Xavier Digno again gave a standard answer 

about the existing one. "I'm focused on sports on Thursday," he said at a news conference

 at the Alamo Bowl. Normally, that's a cliché that Texas lovers would like to pay attention to

The next matchup on Thursday between No. 20 Texas (8-4) and No. 12 Washington (10-2) at the Alamodome is scheduled.

One sport at a time, right? Worth, however, responded to a question about the hypothesis 

 surrounding his position in theTexas football program. Last month, studio head Steve Sarkisian a cknowledged Worthy's

frustration along with his way of beating him this season. Rumors about the Switch portal being 

 worth getting into have been unfounded but ubiquitous. On Tuesday, it's worth noting that he knew questions would be solicited