Thai warship sinks in severe weather, leaving 33 crew missing

A Royal Thai military warship sank in rough weather conditions early Monday

leaving 33 of its group of 106 sailors missing in stormy seas in the Gulf of Thailand, Thai authorities said.

Three rescued sailors were in critical condition and a search operation was underway for the missing group, the government said.

Strong winds tipped the 252-foot (76.8-meter) long corvette HTMS Sukhothai

allowing seawater to enter an exhaust pipe and eventually shut down the ship's electrical system, according to a Thai military statement.

The power outage caused the ship's essential electrical structures to fail

leaving the crew unable to maneuver or pump out seawater that had entered the ship's hull, it said.

During the route of more than three hours, efforts to switch bombs to the Sukhothai from other warships responding to the incident failed

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