THE. Film Critics Awards: 'Everything Anywhere' and 'Tár' Celebrated, Honorees Clap Along to 'RRR' Song "Naatu Naatu"

Filmmakers and critics rarely spend time in the same spaces, which is probably just fine for the intellectual health of the former and the physical health of the latter

But on Saturday night, they coexisted peacefully, even joyfully, in a ballroom at the Biltmore Motel in downtown Los Angeles for the 48th Film Critics Association Awards

Things got off to a nice start with a series of clips highlighting each of the LAFCA 2022 honorees, who were introduced last December

Humans laughed at a scene of winning actress Cate Blanchett melting into Tár, were amazed at a clip from an exceptional film now not in the English-language EO winner

The acceptance speeches had been uniformly compact and helpful. M. M. Keeravani, the composer for RRR and writer of "Naatu Naatu," explained how impressed

who he said he became, along with his father. and his cousin. , the director of RRR, S. S. Rajamouli, one of the 3 people who most influenced his lifestyle

One of the recently denatured Top Tier Leading Overall Performance Award winners, House's Bill Nighy, said otherwise: “Being related to Cate Blanchett in any way

The whole everywhere thing and the Tár groups' mutual affection was similarly emphasized by using everything anywhere producer Jonathan Wang

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