The final cast: Who plays Ellie in HBO's The Last People?

If you are interested in The Walking Dead video games, you will realize that the person of Ellie plays an important role within the saga. She is one of the main characters

she forms an alliance with him as he tries to protect her from the risks of the arena and ensure that she survives. Within the video games

Obviously, she's also a big part of HBO's new online game adaptation, and she's ready to show why she's a fan-favorite type of person to a whole new audience

Ellie is played by Bella Ramsey on HBO's The Ultimate People. This role could be considered the best of her career so far, but it also has a lot of opposition

Those aren't the most effective lead roles on TV the nineteen-year-old actress is known for, however, as she's also starred in three seasons of The Worst Witch

played a leading role in a historical miniseries becoming Elizabeth, appeared in episodes of His Dark Materials, and she voices the main character in the Netflix animated 

The cessation of The Walking Dead has come and gone, with the show going off while its series finale aired in November, but just because the show is over

Since that announcement that the show would conclude with its eleventh season, four new spin-offs have been announced. The first, an anthology series

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