The Ghanaian giant is said to be the tallest guy in the arena.

Sulemana Abdul Samed, 29, was told by a local medical center in northern Ghana during one of her latest tests in the United States

 that he had reached the height of 9 fingers 6 inches (2.89m).

This would make him the tallest man in the world, but there was a catch: the agricultural clinic couldn't make sure of his height

Diagnosed with gigantism some years ago, the young man went on to attend a monthly appointment to cope with the complications

A nurse taken from behind informed him: "you have grown more than the dimensions."

Better known to all through his nickname Awuche, because of this "permit move" in Hausa, he was baffled with the help of the show

He wasn't surprised to hear that he was taller, since he's never stopped growing, but it caused consternation among the staff,

The nurse on duty called her colleague, who in turn called another to help her. Before long, a group of nurses and health assistants

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