The great aquarium in Berlin bursts, spilling 1 million liters of water on the road

BERLIN, Dec 16 (Reuters) - A huge aquarium in Berlin housing around 1,500 unusual fish burst on Friday

spilling 1 million liters (264,172 gallons) of water and particles onto a prime street in the busy Mitte district, the authorities said.

About 100 lifeguards flocked to the website, an entertainment complex that houses a Radisson hotel

and a museum, as well as what Sea Life Berlin said would 

 become the world's largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium at 46 feet (14 meters). ) Tall.

All the other guests at the inn, Sandra Weeser, referred to the chaos.

"The whole aquarium was blown up and what's left is general devastation. Lots of useless fish, debris," she told Reuters.

Two people were injured by glass splinters and emergency bids were called for around 350 hotel visitors to p.C. 

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