The release of Trump's tax returns should herald a new era for taxpayer privacy

As a presidential candidate in 2016, Donald J. Trump mocked that the release of his tax returns was close

pointing to the size and complexity of his wealth as a reason why he had so far challenged his style of life with the help of failure

"I have very big wins, like , and I have it all credited and really impressive and we'll review it in the next term

Trump said on NBC's "Meet the click" at the time, adding: "This is not like , a statement from regular taxes."

The tax returns never materialized. Over the next seven years, Trump first blamed an intrusive internal audit of the sales provider 

for its refusal to make his statements public and then, as president, waged a protracted legal battle against resident Democrats who sought to force their release.

Several years of tax records obtained through the New York cases showed that Trump paid little tax on the gains over the years 

and, in particular, the financial difficulties of his home, but the entirety of his tax history was kept. . wrapped in secret

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