The start-united states in search of a cure for old age

while Nir Barzilai specialized in anti-aging technology 30 years ago, it became an act of desire. Now the Israeli-American scientist

 the world is on the verge of turning hope into fact by finding transformative capsules that spare you the effects of aging once thought to be inevitable.

We are done with hope and promise. We are at the point between having a promise and fulfilling it”, says the director of the Institute

He plans to run a large flagship trial to test whether a popular and cheap diabetes drug, metformin, can extend lifespan by years

If regulators approve metformin for aging, he thinks big pharma and biotech groups could jump into the "longevity" arena

The fantasy of living forever has continued for hundreds of years, from locating renewal in a children's fountain to gaining immortality

Although we are not yet able to prevent loss of life, we have learned to prevent it: technology has significantly increased life expectancy

But with many humans now spending their later years in poor physical shape, scientists like Barzilai are on a quest to increase not only life expectancy

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