The Titans' Derrick Henry is not expected to play the Cowboys on

The Tennessee Titans are not expected to have famed running back Derrick Henry after taking on the Dallas Cowboys 

Thursday Night Football," according to NFL Media. Henry is officially listed as doubtful for week 17 due to hip damage 

that prevented him from exercising all week. Now, Hassan Haskins

Thursday's Week 17 opener against Dallas was actually nothing for the Titans. No matter how this game plays

 the relaxation of the weekend, they will still be in the postseason rivalry 

 and could be heading to a winning matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 18 for the AFC South crown.

With that in mind, it looks like Tennessee is opting to rest any player who's banged up a bit to keep him 

Mike Vrabel's group has already dominated 8 players, which includes Ryan Tannehill,