'The true love of his life': Ashari Hughes remembered for her love of flag soccer

A Wasteland Oasis high school student who died after suffering a medical emergency sometime during a flag football game was remembered

Sixteen-year-old sophomore Ashari Hughes broke down... We hope she recognizes our content. Subscribe these days to continue studying this story

Ashari Hughes is the second senior college athlete to die in remaining years. In 2021, Chino Yelum Cajetan Nsofor, a 13-year-old incoming

He suffered cardiac arrhythmia after physical exertion, according to the Clark County Coroner's Office.

Edward Gomez, a Las Vegas high school football player and student, is the top high school athlete to die during a game.

He died from blunt pressure trauma after making a tackle during a playoff football game on November 21, 2003. After making the tackle

17-year-old Gomez ran off the field and collapsed to the ground. margin.

He was taken to the university's clinical center, where he died from his accident two days later.

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