The way to manage perfectionism on a date

What's so horrible about wanting to try to be ideal? Do we really, in this competitive world, have to strive for perfection for you to succeed?

Everything is right and proper, but if you continually try to be perfect, you will always fail briefly. This puts you at risk for depression, stress, anger issues, and addictions

When this trait is common in relationships and is projected onto a partner, who is also predicted to be perfect, the connection will collapse, your career

Adaptive perfectionism is the belief that setting and pursuing high standards is effective and can bring success. This form of perfectionism is usually followed

Adaptive perfectionism can be helpful along with a healthy mindset that allows for flexibility and the ability to study despite setbacks

This form of perfectionism can lead to educational and professional achievement, as well as help people expand the capabilities

Maladaptive perfectionism is the belief that perfection must be achieved at any cost and that anything less than perfect is unbearable

It is usually observed through an obsessive force to control, a fear of failure, and an inclination to procrastinate.

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