'This hurts': Raiders can't hold lead against Pittsburgh Steelers in gritty game

In hindsight, the Vegas Raiders played well enough to win this game, which made it very disappointing 

 to lose the way they did: 13-10 to the Steelers. The Silver and Black played up

 front for most of Saturday night's game, handling it well with soft football and the rancid rear of the 

The better team committed two consequences for 20 yards, had four quarterback hits and converted 50 percent

numerous crucial errors and accidents down the stretch resulted in the Raiders giving up the lead wit

 much less than a minute to play. "Tough game. Guys held on, but too many mistakes,

 head of education Josh McDaniels said after the game. "Too many self-inflicted mistakes. 

. Now there is not enough exact football in crucial conditions and that will always affect you.