This is how the Miami Heat's Twitter reacted after the victory against the Lakers on Wednesday night

Wednesday night's duel between LeBron James and Jimmy Butler evoked collections of the 2020 NBA Finals.

The two superstars led their groups with 27 points, but Butler was pushed to the limit thanks

 to assists from his teammates. Everyone in the starting lineup finished with double-digit scores,

 as Bam Adebayo recorded one in two doubles. With this win against the Los Angeles Lakers,

the Miami Heat are above .500 for the second time this season. Warmness fans reacted as the 

team earned its fourth double-digit victory of the season. “Big win tonight to get back over .500,” user HeatCulture said. 

Jimmy became unstoppable and an absolute threat at the defensive stoppage, Bam put in a great 23/14 

overall performance, Herro put on a massive three in the fourth to seal the game. Shout out to Gabe/Caleb.