Tim MacMahon: Mavs F Reggie Bullock (infection) is out

Lore and Rodriguez had until the end of the day Saturday to tell majority owner Glen Taylor that

they had exercised the option, as part of their initial agreement in 2021 to buy the groups in installments

hey will now have until March 15 to close on the second 20 percent, bringing them to 40 percent ownership, said the sources,

 who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about nonpublic business enterprises. 

offers, he said. The next step could be to buy 40 percent of the crew. Lore and Rodríguez have until 

December 31, 2023 to exercise that option. Four hours ago If Lore and Rodriguez miss the next two payments, Taylor has the right to

 void the estate plan and keep them as limited partners. Lore and Rodriguez have privately assured people inside the business, including

Taylor, that everything is on track to wrap up, the sources said.