Tina Turner's son Ronnie died after the war on cancer

Ronnie Turner, a former survivor of most cancers, passed the age of 62 weeks

 and his wife discovered in an emotional Instagram post that the pollution devastated him in just three weeks.

French singer Afida Turner, who married Ronnie in 2007, posted: "RONNIE became a first class MUSICIAN AND BASS PLAYER. 

 A giant heart OF ANGEL and especially spiritual in every man. I CRY BLOOD THIS TIME FOR EVERY ONE GOD. 

Afida's post came after Ronnie's eighty-three-year-old mother Tina paid tribute to him on the photo-sharing website.

Tina wrote: "Ronnie, you left the world too soon. In pain, I close my eyes and think of you, my beloved son."

Ronnie became an accomplished musician like his parents, Ike and Tina Turner, and played in a band called Synthetic Funk.

TMZ said police resources said they had received a 911 call from a person who told them that Ronnie was outside his house

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