Trailing Knicks show no depth in listless 122-115 loss to Spurs

The Knicks entered Thursday night's game without Jalen Brunson, RJ Barrett and Obi Toppin.

they've been going through an 11-23 Spurs squad without their second-highest scorer,

 it seemed like a useful matchup to extend a shorthanded loss. Until it wasn't. The Big Apple came out flat,

they hadn't fully recovered from their heartbreaking out-of-regulation loss to the Mavericks on Tuesday. 

 They gave up 38 points in the first zone to a team ranked 22nd in the league in consistent points in the game and 27th in true shooting percentage.

Despite a few offensive runs and an early try back inside the fourth box, the Big Apple never got a game together

 the defensive try continued to be a problem throughout the course of the contest.

Part of that is due to the way Tom Thibodeau handled his rotation. The effect may be visible on the bumper.