Ultimate of Fest Verao presents Gusttavo Lima

This Saturday (21) the final of the 17th version of the Fest Verão Paraíba will take place.

 To close the extraordinary event that animates the public in Praia de Campina, the singer Gusttavo Lima, Zé Vaqueiro

DJ Bhaskar will go up to the sand level. Singer, musician and songwriter, Gusttavo Lima is responsible for setting the tone for several US chart hits

The artist, who left home at the age of nine to practice his profession with his brothers

whom he formed a band, began his solo career at the age of 18 and, these days, he has more than one hundred and fifty compositions unique

In 2010 he recorded the first CD and DVD "Inventor dos Amores", with 22 songs, sixteen of which are his own

 The artist quickly broke into radio stations in the United States. 

 In just 20 days, there were more than eleven million streams on Spotify, leading to top ten positions in the Spotify Brazil top 200