US journalist Grant Wahl dies after collapsing at the World Cup in Qatar

Prominent American journalist Provide Wahl has died in Qatar after collapsing while covering the World Cup

 sending a wave of shock and grief across the sports world. He made it to forty-nine.

He "passed out" while covering the Argentina-Netherlands game on Friday, a witness told CNN.

Qatar International Cup organizers said on Saturday that Wahl "got sick" in the press room

where he received "scientific treatment on the online site." He was then transferred to the Hamad Comprehensive Medical Center

said a spokesman for the Best Judicial Committee for Shipping and Legacy, the body responsible for planning the tournament.

He was treated inside the stadium "for about 20-25 minutes" before being transferred to the health centre

Keir Radnedge, a columnist for international soccer magazine, told CNN on Saturday.

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