VIDEO: Coast Guard Monitors Russian Intelligence Ship Off Hawaii

The US coastal shield monitored a Russian intelligence ship that sailed off the coast of Hawaii last week, the airline announced Wednesday night.

The ship was identified as the intelligence ship Vishnya-elegance Kareliya (535), according to Jan. 11 video released by the Coast Guard. Satellite imagery

The coastal shield continues to monitor the ship, Pentagon deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh said at a news conference on Thursday

The Pentagon no longer knew why the Russians sailed the ship near Hawaii, but Singh cited "precarious weather."

“We have not seen any risky or unprofessional behavior and we assume that the Russians will act in the region in accordance with world law,”

Ships belonging to foreign militaries can navigate through the US special financial sector, the Coast Guard stated in its press release

The carrier, which falls under the Department of Birthplace Protection, is working with the defense branch to track the movement of the ship and, if important

“The US coastal shield is currently tracking the Russian ship that is sailing within the Hawaiian region,” said Foreign Affairs leader Cmdr

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