Viral video of San Francisco man watering homeless woman sparks outrage

San Francisco baker Edson Garcia was on a shipping run Monday morning when, stopped at a stoplight, coworkers in his car flagged down a commotion

“In my first study, the person turned out to be [spraying] the street,” Garcia said. “After I paid a lot of attention, he became a lady

Garcia filmed part of the fight, which shows a man spraying a homeless woman and her property with a hose 

she yells for him to stop her. It quickly went viral on TikTok and Twitter, drawing condemnation from advocates and complaints from the man

a local art gallery owner who told a reporter Tuesday that he was not sorry for his actions.

The San Francisco Chronicle identified the person in Garcia's video as Collier Gwin, owner of the Foster Gwin Gallery, an art gallery on the block of Montgomery

Gwin appears in the video of Garcia leaning against a railing as he sprays a girl with water from a hose for several seconds

The woman, sitting against a tree on the other side of the sidewalk, screams and raises her hands. Gwin asks him, "Are you going to transport?"

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