Vivienne Westwood, Influential Hipster Punk, Dies at 81

Vivienne Westwood, an influential style maverick who played a key role in action punk, died on Thursday at the age of 81.

Westwood's eponymous-style residence featured her death on social media platforms, saying she died peacefully.

"Vivienne persevered to do the things she loved, right down to the last moment, designing, making her art, writing her e-book

Westwood's fashion career began in the 1970s, when her radical approach to streetwear took the world by storm. 

However, she went on to experience a long career highlighted by a series of successful runway shows and museum exhibits.

The Westwood name became synonymous with style and mindset even as she shifted focus from year to 12 months

 The younger woman who had scorned the British establishment finally became one of its leading lights

Andrew Bolton, curator of the Costume Institute at New York's Metropolitan Museum, said that Westwood and Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren