Know What happened in the match: Tiger vs Phil 2018?

The party became the brainchild of Jack Whigham, a Hollywood agent and television and film producer Bryan Zuriff. 

They were inspired by the unofficial event from the previous PGA tour, 'The Skins'.

The match began in 2018 with the first edition played with the help of the two biggest names on the circuit

Initially advertised as a pay-per-view line, the organizers of The Healthy were unable to proceed with it and ultimately decided to air it instead.

The prize becomes $9 million and the winner takes it all. The beginning was the other of what was the emotion and expectation.

 Both players struggled to even kick beyond 5 feet.

Rickie Fowler called it a "pillow fight" on Twitter. Woods had not played since the Ryder Cup and that became annoying in his game.

At first all 18 holes were played, however eventually the contest ended level and this caused a further 4 holes to be played

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