What happened to Connie Chung? See now the pioneering journalist

As the first lady to launch a community nightly reporting app and currently co-host

 Barbara Walters broke the glass ceiling for women reporters. One of those ladies is Connie Chung.

Chung, a tech-savvy American, the 10th of 10 youngsters, pushed her own limits.

 She became the first Asian and the second lady to anchor a network's main newscast

"For a small, diminutive-sized Chinese character who grew up in a completely rowdy circle of relatives and never spoke in my life

it was dramatic," Chung told NPR of her decision in 1969 to pursue broadcast journalism after she changed.

 to work as a summer intern for a congressman on Capitol Hill and find reporters.

 “I had those 3 notable things going for me. She used to be younger and experienced, and inexperienced. 

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