What is the 'Mediterranean food plan' and how to comply with it to the letter

The Mediterranean diet has once again appeared on the list of "great diets" lies, which made me wonder: has everyone ever followed the Mediterranea

For that tally number, does anyone know for sure what the Mediterranean weight loss plan clearly includes?

There's olive oil, sure, and fish. However, what then? “My technology relies almost entirely on inventory images of those items

The scientists used the time period to describe the daily diets of humans in positive Mediterranean communities and then expanded the definition to include comparable 

 However, it is important to realize that some of the studies on the effect of the Mediterranean weight loss program on diabetes, cancer, coronary heart disease, dementia

In other words, when you see a headline about the Mediterranean diet, it's not necessarily from a look that assigned one human institution to a Mediterranean

More commonly, the study surveys humans, sometimes in the Mediterranean region, sometimes not, about what they commonly eat. Your answers are used to give you a score

Where do those scores come from? Here is a document that describes one of the common structures.

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