What Josh Dobbs says about the Titans and Malik Willis

For starters, this isn't to suggest the Titans are giving up on Willis or not okay with him moving forward.

If anything, I'd say it's an additional way for Tennessee to protect Willis, as well as gain some experience

from what Dobbs can bring to the table. With a long list of players predicted to bypass tonight's game to recover from injury,

an already depleted Titans roster is going to be even uglier. The Titans may not think it's possible, as Willis's 

 development has to be determined while he isn't surrounded by quality early experience.

 Also, they may not trust that those are actually training iterations to help you improve certain cases.

If things start to look bleak for Ryan Tannehill and Week 18, it might appear the Titans aren't looking to risk 

 Willis getting hurt before the big recreation. Taking plays against this Cowboys deflection run