What Steven Tyler has said about abuse accuser Julia Holcomb

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has been charged with sexual misconduct with a minor for alleged crimes dating back to the 1970s.

Julia Holcomb filed papers in a l. A. The courtroom charged him with sexual assault, sexual assault, and intentionally inflicting emotional misery. 

Holcomb may sue Tyler, 74, after California briefly suspended the statutes of limitations over child sexual abuse allegations.

In form, Holcomb claimed that Tyler had a sexual relationship with her when he was just 16 after convincing her mother to allow him to become her father

Holcomb said she "became powerless to face" his "power, fame and general financial capacity," according to a Rolling Stone story.

The coincidence claims that Tyler "coerced and convinced plaintiff to believe that this became a 'romantic love affair'"

 that began just weeks after his sixteenth birthday, when Tyler would have been 25.

Holcomb told the party that she had planned to move on with his life until Tyler wrote about their courtship in his autobiography and in Aerosmith's book.