When Angelina Jolie bared much of her breasts while begging

Angelina Jolie is a global icon who enjoys a huge following not only for her world-class artistic talent

She currently ended her 20-12 month employment relationship with UNICEF

 and shared the same on her Instagram. Her splendor also happens to be a high calling in the fashion business

and she never misses an opportunity to fulfill the fashion wishes of her fans all over the world. 

 Today, we bring you a throwback to the time when Jolie was sizzling in a sexy dress that showed off the her b**b side of her 

 in this heartwarming photo that fans can't get enough of. Scroll down to take a look at the photo of her.

Jolie seems to be a big name in the entertainment business and often makes headlines for her

 because of her rather contentious private life with her ex-husband and actor Brad Pitt.

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