World Braille Day 2023: history and meaning

There is no denying the truth that analysis and writing are the essential foundation of a person's educational development

But have you ever wondered how visually impaired humans progress in those sectors? This is where Braille is available

A tactile writing device, Braille is used by visually impaired people who are blind or deafblind or have low vision.

Braille is a universally common writing system, which can be read on every embossed paper

the use of refreshable braille that connects to smartphone devices. Now, with the intention of increasing the importance of Braille throughout the world, January 4

Not only this, but the special day also commemorates the birthday of French educator Louis Braille. 

For this reason, the first month of the year, January, is also considered Braille Literacy Month. The special event is observed throughout the month 

If you are thinking about the event, January 4th has been designated as International Braille Day by the United States Fashion Meeting in 2019.

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